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Our long standing expertise in procuring and processing seed cotton on one hand and our motto of setting QUALITY STANDARDS of the highest order with a dedicated involvement of our skilled team has culminated into a exclusive grading practice. This ensures highest level of CONSISTENCY in the stringent parameters put forth by our buyers, right from the first stage of offloading and even before processing. Our state-of-the-art fifth generation fiber-testing laboratory provides us the scientific base to test attributes like span length, micronaire, strength, color grade and trash content for all such grading. We follow the practice to test all parameters of cotton fiber, both at raw cotton unloading stage for every vehicle and a sampling of 10% also at finished product i.e. the bales to maintain consistency in grading and heaping raw cotton at the initial stages itself.
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The entire process from offloading to baling is completely automated, restricting the human element to the minuscule. The installations such as pre-gin cleaners and post-gin cleaners eliminate short fibers, trash, high-density contents (such as metals etc), low-density contents (such as fly fiber, immature fiber, etc). In addition, a sophisticated unit of contamination-clearers, first of its kind in India, discards even plastics, jute, color threads, polymers and other non-cellulosic content.

To further substantiate our relentless efforts in delivering quality cotton to our buyers, we at Amit Cottons offer a complete database of test results on bale-to-bale basis THE ONLY GINNERY IN INDIA- to have initiated this trend.The database has been programmed to carryout the conventional LSM (Length, Strength and Micronaire) module. In addition the buyer is provided with data such as color grade, yellowness (+b) and whiteness (Rd) values, nep contents etc. Amit Cottons is the first unit to offer "Green Card" facility in this part of the world. This combination of high technology and scientific vision has helped us envisage a platform where the buyers can choose the cotton best suited to their requirements.

With a majority of the contamination elimination being handled in our process itself, the buyers have a great advantage of using contamination controlled cotton thereby opting for reduced levels of blow room cleaning and beating points. Overall this process translates into benefits as far fetched as: higher yarn realization, reduced manpower, improved productivity and better quality of yarn.

We take pride in our efforts, offering our customers a one-stop shop for all their fiber needs supplying superior quality cotton and breaking the barrier of being not just a ginnery, but a TOTAL FIBER SOLUTIONS Company.

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